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What makes Jungle so special?


How nice is it when you are new somewhere and immediately feel comfortable by a warm welcome?

In the salon we think it’s very important that you don’t feel like just a number in some system. We do this by taking enough time to listen to you. Thinking along with our clients about what we’re going to create has now become something natural. Our hair consultation becomes even more powerful, so that we can get as close as possible to your “dream hair.”

The treatments in the salon are “sustainable”. Why? With all our coloring we use techniques that makes your current and new hair color blend beautifully. We do our outmost to ensure that you have roots as little as possible. You don’t have to come back to the salon as often. That saves you time and also fuel. See that’s a win-win! #enviorment

Exactly the same applies to our haircut treatment. Over the years we have worked in quality salons. We had super fun but above we learned a lot, so we know what your hair needs and which technique will be beautiful in the long run.

How you look when you leave the salon is not just the only important thing to us, how your hair will look in a few weeks or maybe even months is also something we think about. This applies to almost every treatment. And let’s be honest, now more than ever time is precious. It seems like there are not enough hours in a day.

We work with the best products which delivers quality. As a result of this, your hair will be much healthier in the long run and it also provides enormous shine. The home care ensures that your hair is made stronger and solves the problems you encounter.

(Only hair problems of course).

What we hear in our chair for years is that it is always hard to find a good hairdresser. Hair is one of the first things people see when they look at you. Everyone deserves a good hairdresser. Once you’ve tasted something you really like, you don’t want anything else. We are introducing customers to these new treatments and techniques: they notice the difference. Customers give us compliments on how their hair look that good for so long. Or that they would normally come back much sooner.

In short, quality and a good atmosphere are our number 1. The choice is yours; how much quality are you satisfied with?

Jungle Hair Studio

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